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The Break-Aways

25 August 2014

On a recent trip to see what the Selous Game Reserve has to offer, we came across something rather special.

A Bateleur was spotted perched atop a tree fast asleep, the Bateleur is an indicating species that guides use to find other animals as they often follow carnivores and will scavenge a meal when they can.

So whilst looking at the Bateleur, something else was noticed by a guest, Henry, in a tree and binoculars were shifted left and there they were, two breakaway leopards that have recently left the safety of mum but still remain within her territory.

They found themselves a great big Mahogany tree with many horizontal broad branches to snooze on.

These two youngsters were kind enough to give us one hour of their time while they slept, stretched, yawned, played and eventually jumped down from the tree and disappeared into the undergrowth.

Hopefully they hang around in their mothers territory for some time more as it is very close to homebase.

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