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The Cackle of Jackals…...

19 December 2014

We were passing the site where Serengeti Safari Camp (Nomads wonderful tented camp that migrates with the wildebeest) was based during its time up north this season. I remember speaking to the manager Issa about the Black Backed Jackal family, with four pups, that were denning next to the camp this season - it seems they are still there.

There are three species of Jackal found in Tanzania; Side Striped, Golden and Black Backed (most comon). If you're lucky then all three can be found on a visit to the Serengeti.

Jackals are lightening fast, although the hunt plenty for themselves they frequently employ their speed to snatch scraps of meat from other predator kills - including lions!! As a Black Backed Jackal is unlikely to exceed ten kilograms its vital they don't get on the wrong side of the cats. In our previous experience we've remarked on them using the same agility that they use avoiding the jaws and claws to get away from the lens before the shutter snaps down.

As the pups below grew up next to the enterance road into SSC it seems they are a little more habituated to the vehicles than usual - this gave us a fighting chance to photograph them and to profile the little canids with a blog.

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