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The Crocodile Goalkeeper

26 January 2019

The crocodile goalkeeper Last week, the staff were playing their weekly game of football on the 'soccer sandbank.'

Gilead, our electrician spotted the chance for a goal so gave an almighty kick towards the makeshift goalposts. His aim wasn't as straight as he'd thought and the ball went flying towards the river and out of nowhere a huge crocodile jumped out the water into the air and caught the ball in his jaw. As crocodiles usually drown their prey, this guy was struggling as the ball was full of air. He'd dive down and his head would keep popping up with the ball, much to the staffs giggles.

Its also a fact that crocodiles cannot chew so he swam away, taking his 'dinner' to his den to tackle with later. Cornelius our camp carpenter, (and ballboy) quickly jumped in the nearby boat and followed the crocodile to rescue their one and only ball. Luckily, after only a few metres the crocodile gave up and Cornelius grabbed the unharmed ball...and play continued.

Of course, only after having 'moved the goalposts' to a safer area. I asked if anyone had taken any pictures but no one had, as they were all too shocked to shoot but play went on and Gilead did get to shoot his goal after all.

Beatus shows off the croc teeth.

Rescuing the ball from the river

Playing on the sand bank.

Team giving a big jump for joy getting their one and only ball back.

Getting a piggy back home, in case of other lurking crocodiles.

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