Kiba Point

The Day Of The Beasts

22 July 2012

A hot sunny afternoon was blazing beauty over the camp. Our guests had left in the morning and our next were eagerly expected the following day. Camp was ready and raring to go - our workday had finished.

Oh, what to do? We knew exactly what to do....a little staff outing to the river side.

With the sun beating down on us and a cool breeze fluttering by we all scrambled down to the banks of the Rufiji River, fishing rods in hand. We took our places, cast the lines and waited with baited breath - even the hippos were watching from the cool flow of the river's rapids.

We were unlucky to begin with, with a couple of beauties biting but not taking, but then, the Rufiji was kind and blessed Thom with a stunning catfish. After this our luck had changed. Tiger fish were taking the bait left right and center.

What a glorious day the Selous and the Rufiji presented us with. Let's just hope that the fruitfulness can continue for staff and guests alike.

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