The drama continues

14 October 2011

This morning Chimpanzees walked through Greystoke camp again. They seem to be coming into camp on a regular basis.

We heard them in the distance and I joined the guests to find out the latest in the leadership saga. There was Kalunde, Fanana, Christmas, Orion, and yes Alofu, we could here other Chimps in the distance as well.

Alofu charged past us on the path picking up any stick or stone and throwing it into the air. Over the lake dark clouds approached the mountains and we could hear thunder and see lightning. I am not sure whether Alofu was reacting to the conditions or displaying to show his clear dominance over the community.

The researchers told me that yesterday Alofu re-entered the main community, when he did Primus ran off into the forest. Primus was clearly not around today. Hopefully he has learnt from Pimu’s mistake and realizes if Kalunde is not siding with you then its better to stay out of the way.

Fanana and Christmas enter camp Alofu is already in the tree above them.

Alofu turns as he leaves camp telling the guys it time to go.

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