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The end of an amazing season!

17 March 2018

Since we started managing Lamai at the beginning of January, we have had such a magical time. This beautiful area, tucked away in far north Serengeti, has so many wonders and amazing creatures that make this place home. From the incredible team we have in camp, making everything run smoothly, to the small little Agama lizards that scurry along the paths, everyone and everything, makes the experience at Lamai wonderful. We couldn’t have asked or hoped for a better start to our time at Lamai.

The season has finally come to an end, and we are in the process of slowly packing up camp. We have an exciting two months ahead of us, full of maintenance and some exciting new ideas for the season to come. Can’t wait to see how it all goes!

From everyone here at Lamai, we say goodbye for now, and we will be back in May to open again for the new season. We leave you with some of our highlights from the last two and a half months.

(the view from the top of the Kopje)

(Dinner with a view)

(Our resident Mwanza Flat-headed Rock Agama, Peter Parker)

(Early morning light)

(Natasha making friends with the Hyrax)

(Cheeky selfie with one of the little ones)

I could stay here forever!

(The view from the main area)

(A very full Mara river, and a very wet day in the north)

(So adorable)

(This is the biggest stick insect I have ever seen!!!)(This is the biggest stick insect I have ever seen!!!)

(Leopard passing through camp in the night)

(The Mongoose family that stops by the office every morning to say hello)

(These babies have taken on Natasha as their mother)

We will miss everyone greatly over the next few months and cant wait to see everyone again soon. All the best from us here at Lamai!

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