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The Gathering at the Mara River

02 July 2013

To continue where we left off..

The days have been amazing with the wildebeest all gathering close to the Mara river.

The guests have been having incredible opportunities to witness one of Africa's most viewed shows on earth. These animals gathered in their hundreds and thousands on the 30th June on the banks of the river. There was a mega crossing with an estimated 7000 animals crossing per 10 minutes. This started at 0830 in the morning and continued until late afternoon with numbers varying.

I managed to get out of camp one of the mornings with a few of the Lamai staff who had never seen a crossing before. We watched a fantastic crossing at Number 7.

All the wildebeests gathered as they do and then suddently one individual took a leap of faith and the rest follow. We then witnessed the giant Mara crocodiles, known in Swahili as 'Mamba' and are the biggest crocodiles in Africa, kill 3 Wildebeest in just a few seconds.

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