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The green explosion!!

20 October 2013

A couple of weeks ago this little chap appeared on our stone gate post outside the mess. Bright white against the black rocks, thermo-regulation was clearly outweighing camouflage on this hot as Hades Selous afternoon.

Foam nest frogs are famous for the half rugby ball sized nests they whip up around their eggs and leave suspended from an overhanging anchor point above a water source. It’s a fantastic way of keeping the spawn out of harm’s way until they’ve developed into the tadpole, at which point they drop down out of the nest and hit the water swimming.

Even more amazing are the occasions when the nests appear above a dry pond, seemingly doomed due to a little premature excitement. Then it starts raining and all of a sudden these kids are growing up in prime real-estate – the adults have actually predicted the coming weather change.

We should have guessed this guy was up to something – low and behold within twenty four hours it started raining…….really raining!!

A few days later and it’s as if we can hear this place growing.

The African Dog Roses are heavy with flowers.

There is budding new growth almost everywhere we look.

The impala ewes have delivered in fine form and the garden is teeming with little ones.

Even the impala lily outside our office has flowered again.

These guys are clearly happy about it!!!

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