The gypsy leopard

01 February 2012

Yes there are similarities between them: both have a distinctive pattern, both are solitary and both are found in the Serengeti - but that is where it ends.

The Leopard Tortoise is certainly less sought after than the regular leopard, but not less fascinating! Part of the ‘little 5’ this reptile is common to the area around Lamai Serengeti. A strict herbivore,feeding mainly on mixed types of grasses it seems to provide the Leopard Tortoise with an exceptional health. It lives up to 100 years old!

Slowly wandering the endless Serengeti plains, the solitary tortoise is well approached. It’s known defence of retreating into its shell is a very interesting feature to observe from close distance. Not many people know that, in doing so, often the Leopard Tortoise makes a hissing sound. Air is forced out of their lungs when all limbs and head make their way into the shell. As was the case with this little fellow.

Well worth to be added to your list of leopards!

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