The habitat generalist

25 August 2012

Mahale Mountains is a primate paradise. Of the 8 (or possibly 9) other primate species that are present in addition to chimpanzees, the vervet monkey is one not to miss. An almost certain encounter during a visit to Greystoke, vervet monkeys are the most widespread of any of the African primates.

Recently a large troop of vervet monkeys called the trees fronting our beach their territory. And although relatively common, they are fascinating to hang out with. There is always something going on within the troop.

Vervet monkeys are largely arboreal and are very social monkeys, with troops numbering anywhere between 10 to 50 individuals. They have beautiful black colored faces, ears and hands that easily stick out of their olive grey fur.

Never far away from the trees that offer natural protection from its predators, they certainly are far from shy and with that offer some unique photo opportunities.

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