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The Highs and the Lows of climbing Mt Kungwe

26 November 2016

2 Weeks ago, having no guests in camp, my fellows Mwiga (our head guide) , Mfaume (our head chef) and Cossam ( our house keeper) and myself decided to climb Mount Kungwe.

Mount Kungwe is considered by the villagers around to be a sacred Mountain, and before going there we had to ask the permission and receive the blessing from the Elders. We started our journey from the main headquarter, 17 km ahead would be our goal, Mount Kungwe Peak!

My friends I can tell you, it has been the toughest climb I ever did! To reach Mount Kungwe we needed to climb first 2 other Peak, Mount Mhensabantu and Mount Humo, then finally our final ascent to Mount Kungwe

Up, down, up , down, 45° up, 45° down, the landscape around were just stunning. On the ascent to Mount Mhensabantu we could see tracks of buffalos. Miombo woodlands was the main environment there, and meeting with Red-Colobus Monkeys and Red-Tailed Monkeys was such a pleasure to the eyes.

But finally, after many hours of walking, here we were, reaching our goal! How fantastic it was! The sun reflecting on the lake offer us a vision of endless fiel of gold. We spent the night in a small Ranger post there, an amazing abundant forest hosting us, with so many different kind of birds and the unique Angolensis Black and White Monkeys. Unfortunately we did not have the chance to capture them in photos, just hearing them at dawn. And also, big time unfortunately, i promised my fellow friends that we would be back in the afternoon! Why? I tell you! They had the plan to play a football match against the rangers at the village in the afternoon!! I dont know how they did it, i was just a dead body at the end!! I can tell you we will be back there! The vegetations and wildlife up there is just stunning! We also heard the calls of the unhabituated wild chimpanzees in the forest below us - that was really special.

It has been such a privilege to spend time with my friends doing that. The moon was stunning that night. So much to see, so much to do here, the Mahale Mountains is full of secrets still to be discovered. Mahale is unique, and yes this climb made me think more about it. Thanks guys!

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