The hunt that went wrong

17 August 2011

Chimpanzees love Red Colobus Monkeys, not to play with but to eat. A fully grown Red Colobus weighs about 12kg compared to 50kg for a male Chimp. Chimpanzees will organize themselves into hunting parties and surround a Colobus Monkey, trap it and kill it.

A few days ago the Durant family was lucky enough to watch Chimpanzees hunting a troop of Colobus. It all went wrong though. Just as the Chimpanzees looked like they had the Colobus trapped, three big male Colobus monkeys ganged up and chased Pimu the Alpha male through the trees. How embarrassing! Not so tough are you Pim!!

Olivia Durant was able to snap this photo of a Red Colobus leaping through the trees but unfortunately the chase happened too fast.

A male Red Colobus Monkey.

Thanks for the Photos Olivia.

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