The ideal afternoon

09 August 2012

A perfect afternoon activity at Greystoke is the hike to a small but lovely waterfall. Remote and peaceful it really is a gem of a hike.

At the moment the conditions are ideal, the water in the river bed is low but still sufficient and the rocks and boulders help us to find a nice way to climb up.

Yes, it includes jumping from one rock to the other - and may involve some wet feet… - but generally the slope is gentle.

As the rays of the afternoon sun shine through the forest canopy, colors are brilliant. Sounds of monkeys surround you.

This really is such a cool walk!

As you pass many pools and lots of small waterfalls, once you reach the end of the hike there is this beautifully crisp pool awaiting you.

Away in the forest with no one else.

I think I’ll go again tomorrow…

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