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The intimacy of the Selous

22 September 2016

What an incredible past 10 days it has been. I have had the pleasure of guiding two seperate groups back to back and we have had some incredible sightings. The privacy of all of these sightings made them all so much more enjoyable and unique. Every sighting we had (from the images below) we had completely to ourselves! This is the magic of the Selous. What a place!

(This is my first ever sighting of the beautiful Dickinson's Kestral)

(We came across this beautiful herd of 50+ Eland drinking in the early morning. When we approached, they moved away from the water, into the safety of the bush and let us get quite close. I loved the light at this time and great to see them in motion)

(We came across this Giant Kingfisher fishing in the gorge and were able to get extremely close in the boat)

(You have to make time for the small as well as the big - here you have a Striped Skink)

(The bird life around Lake Tagalala is incredible right now and we have had some lovely Fish Eagle sightings)

(The Greater Kudu populations are doing very well at the moment and we were able to spend over an hour with this group)

(Saddle-billed Stork wading in Lake Tagalala)

Over the past few days there has been a pride of Lion hunting along the banks of the Rufiji River. I am still in the process of downloading the images and footage but will share it with you all once it is all organized! Until next time.

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