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The Lamai Serengeti Employees of the month, 2014/15 season!

25 March 2015

Here we are again at the end of the season. The final guests have departed and the hatches have been battened down to await the Northern Serengeti's "Big Rain Season". Most of the team have departed for a long awaited and well earned break, their families will be receiving them with much celebration over the next few days.

Jana and I are giving a little training course for a few members of the Nomad team over the next week and we've taken a gap in the schedule to introduce you the the Lamai Serengeti Employees of the month.

We introduced the monthly award at the beginning of the season, each month the team are asked to vote for a member that they respect and admire for the work they put in. We asked them to think about the folk that help them perform their own tasks successfully, the idea being that if we take the time to think about how the rest of the team affect us then we will bong together that much tighter. On each voting slip we asked them to give the reasons that they felt the candidate in question had earned the award.

The winner each month received a prize and a certificate along with the thanks and congratulations of all the Nomad people.

The winning list below have been submitted to the directors with the reasons that the team gave for their selection, we have chosen a grand prize winner of the Lamai Serengeti Employee of the year. The award comes with an "all in" trip for two to one of the other fantastic Nomad camps, we'll be following up on this with a photographic diary of the winner's trip in June. Scroll down to find out who got it!!

Without further ado, our portraits of the best of the best - Lamai Serengeti March 2015.

Maimuna Saidi - Housekeeping team

A very hard worker, passionate and driven.

Pendaeli Warieli - Head Chef

Outstanding feedback, quality in FnB, a charming and hard working head of department.

Obedi Samwel - General Maintenance and Groundskeeper

Very friendly, hardworking and a great team player.

Victoria Massawe - Housekeeping

Kind hearted, flexible, happy and fun.

Kennedy Kisanga - Head of Maintenance

Enthusiastic and never tired. Excellent teamwork and communication.

Ibrahim Msuya - Staff Chef

Cooking excellent food, fantastic teamwork and very hardworking.

Jacob Joshua - Chef

Leads by example, always cheerful and very dedicated to his job.

Sauli Kepesi - Walking Safari Scout and Tracker.

Reliable, flexible and a good leader. He always greets you with a cheerful smile.

Lamai Serengeti's 2015 employee of the year!!

Peterson Kilonzo - Waiter and Head of Staff Committee

Peterson motivates everyone around him. He is tireless in his teamwork and takes great pleasure in helping others.

The whole Nomad Tanzania family would like to offer our huge thanks for your enthusiasm and care during the season. Congratulations on winning this award, we'll be taking you on an adventure of your own in June!!

Best wishes,

Nic, Jana and the team


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