The moment has arrived to see the Chada plain

20 September 2010

Emmanuel Mosha - Guide, Chada Katavi

As Katavi is the place which had many gods to worship in years long ago, Chada was the name of one of the gods who was worshipped by the people, who were the Pimbwe people. Though they once lived around these plains, they currently live outside the park boundary.

Chada lived in the middle of Chada flood plain and the hippos were like his cattle. He had beautiful wives who looked white like melting ice. During his wedding, people were not allowed to beat drums because by doing so the pregnant women were likely to get problems when giving birth.

Living chiefs were not allowed to visit Chada or they would be pelted with stones from the sky, but now it is easy to come to Chada without being pelted with stones. Now the plains have lots of animals, and have become a jewel among all the parks in Tanzania.

So this is the moment for everyone to come and see Chada, as a rainbow in the sky full of both flora and fauna. It may be the only place you can see about 1000 to 3000 buffalo at a time and at very close distance. Not only buffalo, but elephants in herds from 20 up to 200 crossing the plain.

Chada is a place where you can drive or walk along the edge of the plain, where it can be easy to get close to the Chada pride of 16 lions which are always patiently waiting for the buffalo to come closer to them.

So Chada plain and camp are now great assets to Tanzania and are the worlds hottest hotspot for game viewers and walkers, since it is still undisturbed and more private than any other park in the world.

Photo by Mark Vibbert, Chada Katavi

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