The nightly visitor

18 October 2011

One little Chada secret got unravelled this week! For some time, Chada camp has a nightly visitor that comes around and tries to access the kitchen water supply. Although access to the supply is covered by a pretty massive 15 kgs (30 lb) piece of stone, we end up finding it totally removed every morning.

Because of the leafy grounds around the water supply no clear footprints are left. Though surely a type of animal, we just couldn’t pin down what it was. Then came help of Peter Clough. As he brought along an infra red camera, it took us 2 minutes to set it up on the nearest tree.

That night we were able to see what it is that passes by. And a hyena it is!

As the hyena sneaks into camp you can see how it removes the stone. Please have a look at for some really upclose images of the trespasser!

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