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The Old and the New

30 September 2013

Bonobo is doing okay and has been seen chilling with Kalunde.

One morning while he was relaxing naughty Xmas came along the path way to disrupt the peace.

He started to charge back and forth and displayed around us. It was a very heart pounding experience and the guide Filbert was very good and asked us to stay still and not to move while we observed Xmas doing his display close by.

Then a few minutes later a female chimp in estrus came along the path and this set Xmas off again. It was interesting to see him displaying but this time Kalunde and Bonobo also got involved and so the display was incredible. They were all jumping up and down and climbing the vines, during this display all the females and their young headed to the highest point of the trees whilst the males were putting on a show for us.

After displaying they all gathered round and started to groom each other and relax. Xmas by this stage was tired and headed to a lovely vine and rested, whilst close by Darwin was resting as well, not interested in all the displaying.

We left the chimps after an hour and were all pumped with adrenalin from the displaying. Each day is filled with great excitement and so to witness this display so close was brilliant and all the guests were really happy and managed to get some fantastic photos and videos.


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