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The People Make a Safari

19 September 2016

I thought it about time we pay tribute to the Tanzanian people who are an integral part of any safari. A safari without the animals would not be a safari, similarly a safari without the people would not be a safari. Helen and I love working in Tanzania because of the people, gentle souls with plenty of time for please and thank you. Etiquette is woven into the culture and language, with each greeting almost representing a ceremony. A, ‘hello good morning’ is not complete without an enquiry about how you slept and or how you woke up; should things not have gone well then an apology is forthcoming. Everything is a discussion and decisions are made collectively for the greater good. Respect is paramount, especially for the elders who bear authority with pride. Everyone knows they will eventually get old and in this harsh environment you treat others as you would want to be treated in your twilight years. Any semblance of exertion is greeted with the customary ‘pole’, which literally means sorry. This profound culture seeps into your safari, as you the guest is revered: you provide opportunity for employment and enable social and economic growth through your tourism activities. All guest comments at the end of a safari give special thanks to the people; Nomad people that create the magic during your safari. For those of you who have experienced a Safari in Tanzania, especially at Nomad, we are certain you will remember them fondly.

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