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The Pride of Lamai

06 September 2014

Honestly, the kopje filled area surrounding our lodge has to be one of the best places in the world to view wild lions. Yesterday evening guests came back chirping away about the cubs tackling each other as the whole local lion team passed by, twenty seven individuals counted!! The territory is a valuable one which in turn means we are treated to a chorus of long distance lion calls almost every night.

Here are some of the seasons favourite shots of the Lamai Pride, with thanks to Roger Bender, Morton Rawlin and of course our own Jana Arnhold for these splendid pictures.

The boys in charge, a coalition.

"Ladies who lunch", there are seven adult females that put the lion's share on the table around here and that is a lot of hungry mouths to feed!!

One of the sub adult males, full to bursting with wildebeest!

The little chaps above as we first met them snoozing out on the rocks and then again below, the whole pile of Panthera doing what cats do best. Look at how they have grown!!

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