The red tail monkey

04 September 2012

Can we introduce you to another of Mahale’s fine primates? Meet the red tail (or copper tail) monkey. A species of guenon, the red tail monkey is one of the more exotic looking primates in Mahale Mountains NP.

Densely furred from light yellow to dark brown, this monkey comes with a deep coppery red tail of up to 90 cms. With that, the size of its tail alone exceeds its average body length of 60 cm by a third!

Furry in its appearance, it’s one of the more shy species of primate and can therefore be challenging to approach. Red tail monkeys live in groups of 7 to 35 individuals, usually existing of one male followed by numerous females. Interestingly, the females stay loyal to their territory for life – which can span up to 22 years – while the male gets to travel between other ranges.

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