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The Remote Working Nomad

23 March 2020

During this time of working remotely we are all going to need to try as best we can to maintain our excellent team work and communication.

Here are some tips from the members of our Nomad family who work remotely full time.

Most importantly, please all remember that social distancing is absolutely key to us getting through this crisis quickly and safely. Please do not get together with colleagues or work in groups, and keep your social contact with friends and family to what is absolutely necessary.

You are working from home, make the most of the plus side!

  • Put on some background music, and let your hair down a little
  • Work in your pyjamas, or your favourite tracksuit
  • Now you are allowed to raid the fridge, but healthy grazing advised
  • Take ten minutes out: go for a stroll, walk the dog, feed your chickens, whatever your situation presents, get in some ‘you’ time and reboot
  • Teach your kids a little more about what you do for work
  • With the normal emails and requests a little less, use this time to focus on projects and ideas you have never gotten around to

We do understand

For our team in Tanzania we have a special set of challenges that we're dealing with…

  • Wifi can be a challenge at home. It may sound like the team in Tanzania is underwater - so we'll just have to shout a little louder
  • There are power-cuts in many neighbourhoods so computers may run out of charge
  • It rains from time to time so even stepping outside to get some space isn't always possible
  • Schools are now shut so kids are around at home and may be a little disruptive

Tips to try

  • If you need someone to reply to an email quickly, it is okay to give them a call - they may be dealing with issues at home but will welcome you making life simpler
  • If you have a room or office in your house, try to keep the door closed to help you concentrate and reduce distractions
  • Don’t lock your kids in the cupboard (maybe just your parters). Give children tasks to do, reward/praise them for giving you time to work, balance time between your kids and your computer, try to make housework fun and give them some jobs to keep them busy
  • Try to keep to working hours where you can, or let people know when you have stepped outside or switched off. We have enough ‘unknowns’ right now, so just talk and tell people what you’re doing - we all understand
  • Work while kids are out, napping, or even clock in some hours in the evening when you have some peace and quiet
  • Missing the office banter and chance to talk things through in person - this is 2020! Technology is on our side to make it feel like someone is in your living room, keep talking.

And, don’t forget…

  • We do still need you to try your best to keep comms flowing - think Ruaha River in January
  • Ask for help when you need it and support each other, we are all in this together
  • The Migration is still moving, so let’s do the same
  • We are Nomad and we will get through this - and remember - wash your hands.

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