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The Return of the Queen

30 August 2019

On our last blog, we talked about how moved I was to see Josephine the elephant and her family back to camp. But there was one girl I was even more excited to see again, Princess Dogo the leopard.

Last week, how overwhelmed I was when she appeared in the bush. Not only is she still so beautiful, but became a queen, now having 2 cubs around 4 months old, a girl and a boy! The first photo above was taken 4 years ago, and the one below is just recently and you can see how the spots on her face appear to be exactly the same. How extraordinary it is to see the special individual after all this time.

We spotted her and her cubs (see below photos taken by John our guide) after a kill they had, a bushbuck female. Her cubs look so healthy which is amazing, as it is never easy for a female leopard to raise and protect her offspring in the bush.

Dogo, you are for sure a Queen now, how smart you are to survive the wild of Katavi. The spirit of "Katavi" as the local tribes express, reign on you...

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