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The Rhythm Remains

16 March 2020

It’s Monday the 16th of March 2020, and as an industry we face an unprecedented challenge.

But, we’re a lucky sort who know the intricacies and mesmerising magic of our natural world. Come, take a break from the news and watch as the swallows of the Serengeti synchronise their journey to roost with the setting of the African sun.

In amongst it all, remember we’re here. Our wild places endure and prevail, and we are committed to weathering the storm to ensure that at the end of all this we can roll back the tent flaps, throw open the doors and continue our quest to share Tanzania with generations to come.

This new channel on our website will be updated frequently with the latest news from Nomad. Please use it as a source of inspiration, small print related to your safaris, and important updates about what we’re up to in our world.

Keep safe, take care of one another, and we’ll see you in pursuit of wilderness soon.

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