The rodent hoover

21 January 2012

Beautiful and majestic, the Barn Owl is the most widespread of all owls and one of the most widespread of any bird species in the world. Found pretty much anywhere, it is often a very welcome guest just because of its diet.

Consuming more than one rodent a day, a nesting pair and heir young are known to consume over a 1.000 rodents a year! The main reason for its high volume diet is that the Barn Owl's metabolic rate is high, requiring more food than its counterparts.

Barn Owls consume more rodents than any other creature in theworld - you see the advantage of having it around?!

Fascinating to see, this bird out of a pair seem to have found its ‘barn’ on the veranda of one of our guest rooms. Often seen in the morning when it returns for resting, it’s seems not only to have developed a great taste for food!

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