Conservation & environment

The Rufiji River

17 June 2016

Boat trips are one of my favourite things to do while in the Selous and I can generally be found in some small corner of the river photographing birds, Crocodiles or Hippo.
The water level is dropping dramatically at the moment and i think we may be heading into a very dry season. It has already dropped a few meters in the last week, exposing hidden sandbanks and creating more areas for wildlife to be.

The view from Sand Rivers looking up river

A Croc in stealth mode

African Skimmers in flight. These incredible birds skim accros the water catching fish.

White fronted Bee-eaters dig nesting and roosting holes in the banks along rivers. Here they can be seen clinging to the edges socialising

A close up look

We are at the beginning of the dry season, so over the next few months this river is going to reduce to a 3-4 meter channel, with all the Hippo and Crocodiles congregating within. It should make for an interesting time! The river has so much to offer and every time you do a boat ride you will find something else you fall in love with.

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