Kiba Point

The Selous Tease

28 January 2011

<p>Birds are the biggest teases in the Selous.&nbsp; Well, probably the biggest teases on the safari circuit.&nbsp; They are often tantalizingly beautiful, appear everywhere but don&#39;t like to sit still, and&nbsp;almost always leave you wanting just a bit more.&nbsp;<br />
<br />
Among the most beautiful here at Kiba is the&nbsp;Northern Carmine Bee-eater, an African migrant that shows up in the Selous from November till June.&nbsp; We have been seeing them for a couple of months but while I was on vacation, they seem to have taken over the Selous.&nbsp; This morning one swooped down to &quot;hawk&quot; a bee just meters in front of me, and this evening I saw dozens on a game drive.&nbsp; But only one cooperated enough to allow a few decent photos.<br />

<p><a href=""><img src="" style="height:320px; width:320px" /></a>A Carmine Bee-eater doing his sinister impression of a nose-scratching superhero, Robin</p>



<p><img alt="" src="" style="height:1px; width:1px" /></p>

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