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The spirit of Katabi

19 July 2019

The season has started here in Chada Katavi! Katavi, our Wild West park!

The park got its name from the spirit Katabi (from the Wabende tribe) wich appears to live near Lake Katavi in a pair of twin trees. Well here in Chada, we can almost say that the founder of Chada, Roland Purcell, is kind of a spirit! And what a best way to start the year with him joining us!

Privilege and fun to learn from our pioneer Roland and on my side such happy to be back in Katavi after a few years. Never get enough of this view on Lake Chada.

So let's rock and roll the season, the tamarind trees are giving its fruits around camps, elephants are all over enjoying it! Here is our big ears buddy having a feast beside the office! Spirit of Katabi...

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