The Start of a New Season

28 May 2012

After a fantastic 12-hour road trip from Arusha to the Serengeti a week ago, passing through gorgeous landscapes and world renowned areas of Tanzania such as Lake Manyara and Ngorogoro Crater, the majestic plains of Serengeti were finally laid out before us and a few hours later, we arrived at Lamai for the start of a new season.

Since arriving at Lamai with

Yahaya and Tamara we have had nothing but adventures! We have been introduced to all the resident members of the family. This secret kopjie is nothing but a hive of activity and everyday we have enjoyed the presence of our resident Dwarf Mongoose family who do their territorial rounds. We have watched as they scamper up and down the rocks excitedly looking for any little morsels. They make soft whimpers to each other as they go, reassuring each other of their presence.

The bush Hyrax's have become a very important part of our day and always keep us company no matter where we are in the camp. Whether busy working in the office or walking down the pathways, you can be rest assured that they will either be sprawled out on the rocks above or jumping in between the boulders, all the time, keeping a watchful eye on us. One way or the other.. we know that they are always here to keep us company!!

The birds around camp this time of the year are incredible, and we have had such fun watching a beautiful pair of Little Beeaters dive and spin around the office in pursuit of an unsuspecting insect.

After all the action during the day we can pause at sunset to take in the tranquil golden beauty of the plains in front of Lamai. This time of the year, the sun shines an incredible crisp golden light down onto the grasslands and kopjies and the thick dark grey thunder clouds above only add to the shear beauty of what unfolds in front of camp.

If this is only a taste of what is in store for us this season... there is no doubt, we are in for a treat!!!

With regards from us all at Lamai and hope to see you soon!!

Tamlyn & Sacha

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