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The traditional end of season montage…....

29 March 2015

Right folks, the bit you've all been waiting for I'm sure.

We're at the end of the season, Jana and I are both a little frazzled for being in the bush for ten months - time to hop on a plane and find a city or two, buy some cheese, go to the theatre, go to the pub buy some wine and some more cheese! Woooohoooo!

Before that are the highlights.

Romance with the Giraffes.

Followed by the Serengeti wedding of Karl-Fredrik and Johanna Granlund - amazing memories.

Masses of wildebeest at the Mara River.

...and more than just a few spectacular crossings!

A family of elephants kept us amused.....

...and the pride of Lamai didn't stray far from our rocks.

Yassin's "seven breadly sins" - our favorite was the Elephant.

Hyena cubs growing up in the school of hard knocks.

Mama cheetah saw off an inquisitive olive baboon.

Christmas at lamai with festive food and barrels of laughs.

The best kind of present, a pair of leopard cubs made an appearance in December.

We finally found our first Serengeti chameleon......

....and this stunning Eyed Flower Mantid arrived in our back garden.

It's been a blast chaps, we'll be back in May.


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