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The Truth about Cats and Dogs

25 November 2014

The last few weeks in Selous have been manic, in regard to cats and dogs or to be specific lions and wild dogs!

The action started when our guide extradoinaire Ernest Onesmo was leading a walk from camp when out of a thicket came 16 wild dogs yapping and playfully showing interest in the mildly shocked humans.

In order to get a better look Ernest and the group retreated and called for a vehicle. As they hastily retreated they managed to almost trip over two rather annoyed lions who where sleeping in a bush nearby…. they proceeded to eyeball each other for a few seconds before Ernest was forced to alter his route yet again to eventually find welcome relief in a vehicle.

The following events all happened within seconds. The lions had by now seen the dogs and were stealthily making their approach, unfortunately the dogs saw the advancing lions too late and one of the wild dog pups was rapidly killed by the lions. The rest of the pack started making loud, high-pitched calls, and began vigourously running circles around the lions to make them leave the area, which they did but leaving behind a young lifeless wild dog pup. Ernest and guests did not quite know how to take in what happened and sat motionless for a while until the silence was shattered by the unmistakable laugh of two hyenas closing in on the lifeless pup.

Two days later they were at it again!! Same lions, same dogs different scene. Two vehicles from Sand Rivers Selous were in hot pursuit of the pack as they brought down an impala and then quickly went after another. When the second impala was down guests spotted a lioness barreling down on the wild dog who where franticly feeding. This time however the dogs picked up the lioness as there was no cover for her to sneak up on them, the dogs gave way and disappeared leaving the lioness to devour her easy and undeserved meal.

There is so much action going on around Sand Rivers Selous at the moment that we can't keep up, next week we will introduce you to a verry special leopard!

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