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“There’s something moving in the grass”

10 March 2015

On a windy afternoon by the Mara river; swaying, golden, Drop-seed grasses conceal a band of tawny hunters.

We spent a wonderful evening with the Lamai pride this week, they have been frequenting the shady patches along the Mara, enjoying the breeze and the unsuspecting grazers that are congregating there.

Two of our mama's bonding before the night's hunt begins (they pulled down a buffalo a few hours after this shot was taken - the remains of which was found by Lazaro the following morning).

The little lady below is one of last seasons cubs (see November 2013 blog) they're growing up fast and it's getting harder to tell them apart from the adult females.

Facing into the wind and analysing all the scent of the plains, their focus increases as the last of the light begins to leave us.

Just one of the big males is present tonight - the other has been seen mating a female not far from here.

The wind in his mane gives him a certain Bonjovi quality - not quite so much hairspray needed here though.

We left them shortly after this, having counted twenty two present. Good night folks, from the pride of Lamai.

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