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Things that go bump in the night

24 July 2018

We have been very happy with the incredible sightings that guests have been having recently. The migration has reached Northern Serengeti and there is a lot of action around every corner. So, I thought this was the perfect time to share with you some images captured on our remote camera from around camp. Plenty of animals pass by camp but are never seen. Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks and months.

(So beautiful, africa’s next top model?)

Since the Wildebeest have moved into the area, we have been hearing Hyena calling every night. It will get more interesting over the next couple of weeks and I am sure we will see a few walking through camp.

(Much smaller but maybe more elegant?)

(Hoping to capture a better image of this Leopard soon)

This Leopard lives in front of the lodge and has been found out by the resident herd of Elephants on multiple occasions. They keep trumpeting and pushing him higher into the Kopje’s before retreating away.

(It is always a joy to see our resident band of Dwarf Mongoose)

The lovely animals are the smallest carnivore on the African continent and we are lucky enough to see them every day. They more around our 3 properties each day, generally stopping by our office in the AM to say good morning.

One of my favourite nocturnal animals; the Genet. Always graceful, very quiet and incredibly beautiful.

(Posing for the camera)

I was so excited to see that we had finally photographed a Porcupine, and equally disappointed that it had rained at night and the water drops on the lens had distorted all of the images!!

The remote camera is out every night, and stay posted in the days and weeks ahead to see what we find. What are you hoping we capture?

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