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Thousands of wildebeest around Lamai

18 July 2016

This came in from Clyde, our Manager at Lamai Serengeti, over the weekend. "We have around 20,000 beasts in the Lamai area.... give or take a few thousand. TANAPA and the Kenyan conservation authorities have burned quite extensively, which has affected the migration. Most of the beasts are between our kopje and Mama Kent river moving towards Mara River; some have crossed the Mara but many have chosen not to as the other side is burnt and food is available around Lamai and surrounding areas. Large numbers of beasts are migrating up from Central Serengeti and we expect their numbers to increase over the coming months. Guests are fortunate to witness river crossing almost on a daily basis, however they haven't reached National Geographic scale - this is still to come (although this crossing photographed by Nomad guide Nathan Losaru was pretty impressive). It's rained a bit recently and as the grass begins to shoot I expect the beasts will start to move again."

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