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Three is the magic number

24 June 2019

3 doctors, 3 days, 300 eye cases.

We recently ran a three day eye clinic in the village of Katumbi, a boat trip away from Greystoke Mahale. Serving four neighbouring villages, our team of eye specialists were flown down form Arusha, to Mahale where they saw and treated over 300 patients during this health outreach trip.

The team were met with a wide variety of eye problems, from elderly members of the community in need of reading glasses, to children with eye infections and allergies, and lots of other cases in between. The community were over the moon to have a service like this arrive in their village, which otherwise has loimited health facilities, and is a days boat ride from even the most basic opticians.

The doctors also managed to perform some minor procedures, removing foreign bodies and preventing degressive and permeant eye conditions, if left untreated.

They also put a day aside to see our camp team, who were pleased to get tested and receive protective glasses and drops.

Another successful health outreach trip.

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