Tree climbing lions

30 August 2010

By Frank Japhet - Guide, Chada Katavi

We were on a game drive with our clients, the Ritserts, on 17th August 2010, driving beside the Katuma River in the Miti ya Simba area, which is the beginning of the Chada Plain from Ikuu bridge.

We saw a female lion resting in the branches of a flat top acacia (Tortillis acacia). Sometimes lions in Katavi climb up the trees in order to shade themselves or to locate prey from a distance. They also may do it to escape enemies or to get away from hot ground during the dry season and enjoy the wind that is blowing at the moment. They also climb to avoid disturbance from flies, and even to getaway from biting insects such as tsetse flies.

This is the evidence that the Katavi National Park is one of the areas where you can see the lions climbing the trees.

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