Tree Climbing Lions of Katavi

15 November 2012

With Tanzania national parks like the Serengeti and Lake Manyara being known for a rare chance to see a tree climbing lion you can add katavi to the list. There are theory’s surrounding why lions climb trees, some say it is to get away from the heat of the ground and catch a nice breeze while others say it is the lions way of getting away from those tsetse flies. Whatever the reason is lions are climbing trees here in Katavi. We had seen six in one tree near the start of the season and were not sure if it was a once off event, but since then there has been more sights including our guide Paulo Siololo who came across this lioness who was posing and feeling very comfortable (almost like a leopard) up in a tree.

Thanks to Chada Katavi guide Paulo Siololo for these great pictures!

Till next time Justin & Jacky

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