Two Faces of Mahale

04 March 2012

While mornings spent in the forest tracking chimps can put some sweat on your brow, a Greystoke afternoon exudes relaxation. Even the wildlife is chilled here. This lovely little lady warthog has decided she is one of the guests, often wandering through the lodge.

Even Alofu showed up to eat from the tree beside Room 5, then sauntered into the forest and sat in the perfect patch of sunlight, just before sunset. The joke of the day was how tired people were after a morning with chimps high on the forested hills, only to have another excellent sighting right under our noses later on.

Having enjoyed a moment in the spotlight, and not to be outdone, the pigs put on a show to cap off the day. Their message was clear, "Look at chimps in the morning. Afternoons are ours."

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