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Two Little Piggies

13 July 2017

There are just two warthogs left in the whole of Mahale. These two ladies, Juliette and Georgette, are frequent visitors to our Greystoke camp, and bask in the attention from our camp crew and guests.

When the Mahale National Park was established in 1985, the wild areas took over the previous human settlements, and as the thick forest grew undisturbed, the ecosystem changed and caused some of the resident wildlife to die off or leave, including past lions and elephants. With no males around to ensure the future of our wild warthogs, these two are all that remain of the legacy of savannah animals that once roamed the Mahale Forests.

We count ourselves lucky that these two warted ladies call Greystoke home, and they can often be found in camp enjoying one of their favourite pastimes - snoozing on the white sands. And when they do decide to drag themselves from outside the Greystoke office, like many of our other lady guests, these two enjoy catching some of the suns rays on the lakeshore.

The fanciful pair are a welcome addition to Greystoke.

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