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Two new scholarship students-Ololosokwan, Loliondo

29 March 2013

I am thrilled to announce that we have two Masai girls from Loliondo, being sponsored to go to Emanyata Secondary School in Ololosokwan. A huge thank you to the Unicorn School in the UK for finding sponsors for these two amazing Masai girls.

Five female students in total were nominated for the scholarship through a collaboration with Mwalimu's school, Ololosokwan Primary School and the Nomad Trust. The final decision rested with the donors and the Unicorn School in the UK, who chose to sponsor Simalo Rotiken and Nashipai Sepere. Simalo is 14 years old, enjoys playing netball, reading the news and she would like to be a nurse when she is older.

Nashipai is 13 years old, likes watching movies, reading novels and would like to be a pilot when she grows up.

I look forward to sharing updates with you all on how they get on at Secondary school. Thank you to their sponsors.

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