Uncle Larry’s Marshmallows

14 February 2011

We have just fully entertained each other for a full hour this past evening toasting pink marshmallows over the open fire. We started with nails on the end of walking sticks but quickly switched to tiny kabob sticks for fear of tetanus. In an effort to get the perfect Uncle Larry Mallow using the tiny kabob sticks forced us to get a little too cozy with the blazing fire. After having roasted the marshmallow to past perfection, we moved on to attempting to create witchy-foo-foo. For those of you not in the know, this involves mushing a marshmallow back and forth between your thumb and forefinger for many minutes in an effort to turn the mallow into taffy (we might have had better luck trying to turn water into wine). Apparently, Tanzania marshmallows are unable to produce the desired effect, as this just ended in a gooey mess landed on Marks safari boot, which we then attempted to remove with other tiny kabobs sticks. Mark face was slightly pinker after this evening of merriment, the cause of which is indiscernible. It may have been the close proximity to the fire, the embarrassment of the mallow that got away, or simply the imbibing of several (meaning many several) glasses of red wine, made from grapes not water.

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