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Updated terms and conditions

16 March 2020

17th March 2020

Following the turn of unprecedented travel bans and worldwide air travel disruption, and the knock-on effects that we are all facing, this is an update from the team at Nomad Tanzania.

Right now, our immediate focus is on our guests who are here in Tanzania, helping them amend their travel plans and getting them home. If you have clients travelling in March, April and May, your sales consultant will be in touch. If you need to contact us out of hours, here are our 24 hour emergency contacts:

M: +255 784 208343 | T: +255 763 333383 | E: [email protected]

If you’ve got a safari booked with us, we need your help and we ask you to postpone, rather than cancel your trip. The survival of our industry is absolutely key for the preservation of our wild places. That remains our focus, and your help in keeping our teams doing what they’re doing will be monumental.

In light of the current events, we have amended our terms and conditions to support our guests and staff as best we can. We ask that you hold off asking us for postponements of your safari until 75 days before you’re due to be with us, to give everyone the maximum chance of assessing the travel situation and making the right choice for you. If the time comes for your safari and you need to postpone at that point then we’re happy to reschedule travel within 12 months, at no penalty on any Nomad Tanzania camp or service.

For full details please speak to your Tour Operator.

We’ve faced crisis before and what is clear is that when this has passed, folk will need the perfect antidote. A bit of time spent in pursuit of wilderness will be just the ticket, and all of us at Nomad are very much looking forward to being ready for that day.

We thank you all for your support.

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