Updates from Lamai

06 October 2011

In camp last night we had a pair of mating leopards about 500metres from the dining room, giving us a noisy show on top of a kopje. Each night this week we have had a symphony of lion, leopard, hyena and jackal.

Doctors from England, Jeanne and Andrew Dott have come back for their second safari with Nomad and were happy to find themselves back with their guide from last year, Ole Masaa, who honoured them with a wilderbeest crossing of around 10,000 across the Mara River, about 7km from Lamai Camp. The crossing lasted about half an hour without any casualties.

Wildees preparing to cross, picture with thanks to Jeanne Dott

Jeanne and Andy also saw the big five during their stay at Lamai, it is their first time to see a Black Rhino.

Our other guests, Irene and Rolf Pleuss, again returning to Nomad for their second safari with us, on their first day driving to camp from the airstrip, saw what their guide, Fadhili, described as one of the biggest he’s ever seen, a group of around 100,0000 wildebeest.

They also watched an unusual sighting of a lioness and leopard fighting over their territory on the Wogakuria kopjes near camp. The leopard finally surrendered her kopje to the lioness.

About 2km from camp they saw the Black Rhino marking his territory and chasing away the noisy wilderbeests.

We asked one of our Northern guides, Fadhili “Fazo” Msanga, what he particularly liked about working in the Northern Serengeti...

“It is not so crowded and there is an amazing variety of game and landscape. The rooms at Lamai are well camouflaged and all of them face right out into the wilderness, each room gives you the feeling of being in your own private world.”

“If you want to shake hands with a lion, this is the place to come!”

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