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08 March 2018

We are so so proud to now be working with The Plaster House.

Just a few weeks ago we started our outreach program with this fantastic Arusha based organisation. Using our Nomad presence in so many far flung parts of Tanzania, and some gusto from our camp crew, we are spreading the word to our Nomad neighbours, about the mini miracles the plaster house perform. Doing this, we are the bridge between these children with disabilities hidden away in their villages, and the treatment that is out there and can seriously turn things around for them and their families.

This week Hussein and Mahamud are the first of our new Trust outreach program to have undergone surgery and we are following their recovery at The Plaster House.

Hussein age 14 has had a sever burn on his hand treated.

Mahamud age 3 burn on his foot has been operated on.

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