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Wandering Wallowers

11 February 2014

Our new family that has taken to the channel directly in front of the lodge, give us a good reason to go sit up and relax on the sofa's at the lodge. Generally they are pretty docile during the day, wallowing in the channel, it is always quite a sight to see them lounging on top of one another, especially with the cute youngsters around at this time. These little guys are always using mom's back as a float when the water is a bit deep for their short legs.

Every now and again they give us a little show. Yawns are always a favourite for any photographer but quite often the opportunity is missed as they are somewhat unpredictable and tend to be far off in the distance. But with this lot right in plain sight all day, a little patience with the camera from our lodge chairs you should be lucky enough to capture them.

There are several young hippo that love a bit of a tussle between one another, getting them ready for the future when they will be dominant and fighting for their own rights.

In the late afternoon hippo's will start getting themselves ready for their evening of feeding. They wander onto land to do their feeding at night all alone, only mother's and calves will stick together, the rest go their seperate ways.

These giants always provide great entertainment and we hope they stick around right where they are for a lot longer.

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