Welcome to Chada

26 May 2012

With Chada closed for the green season it is now time to get it ready to open. Last week we flew into Katavi for the first time as the new managers as Mark & Kristen step into the relief manager position.
One always wonders what has happened to Chada's lovely animal friends & family. On night two we were given a exciting welcome by “Junior” (the young male lion chased out of the Chada pride) who decided to rest in camp from early morning until dinner time.

The Mahoney’s have come to welcome us to Chada and “Minnie Me” has grown up as his tusks are starting to show. While “Masai” is still being her grumpy self.

Not to leave out the massive herds of buffalo that fill the Chada plains or those whooping hyena and those bathing hippos. it’s going to be another exciting year here at Chada Katavi!

We look forward to staying in touch Justin & Jacky

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