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Welcome to Lamai 2013

02 June 2013

The cool crisp clear mornings mark the arrival of Serengeti's winter, the Hyraxes huddle close together in the mornings, perched high on the large boulders that are scattered around the camp, trying to catch the warmth of the rising Sun's rays. The Lamai Kopje is the most commanding spot in the area, stunning views in all directions, the Mara, the vast Serengeti plains as far as you can see.

Bush Hyraxes.

Ancient Kopjes scatter the area, some of them as if giants left these huge boulders neatly balanced on each other. They provide a mutitude of animals with a place to live, hide and keep watch from. From the energetic Dwarf Mongooses to the lazy Leopards.

The Lamai Kopje.

Large plumes of smoke rise in the distance, it's that time of year again, we can see the grass drying out more and more everyday, a small size bush fire can produce as much carbon dioxide as 1000 cars do in a year. It's better to burn now, so that the fires will not get out of hand later in the year.

Dwarf Mongoose

From everyone here in Lamai Serengeti, we look forward to welcoming you to our home.

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