What a Day! Lions, Rocket stove and a Football game!

08 August 2012

Community support and education is a big part of Chada Katavi camp and it is always great fun when guests get involved. The White family was super excited to visit the local community in and around Kibaoni and a morning trip was scheduled.

The morning began and as the White family was on route to Kibaoni their trip was interrupted as they came across the Chada lion pride. What a way to start the morning! After the lions, their journey continued to a farm house outside of the village. With the help of the White family and Michael Sungula (one of our staff members and community liaison) the Malambo family received a rocket stove and were taught how to build and use it. This will slow down the deforestation on the edges of the park as it reduces the amount of trips for wood each family needs to make.

The next stop was the Kakuni Primary School, where the school had a heads up we were coming for a visit. They welcomed us with open arms and the White family was given a tour of the school and were treated to some local dances and singing as the school put on a little performance for them.

We ended our visit off with a friendly football game. The White family along with Michael and the Nomad guides played against one of the school's teams. It was loads of fun, which resulted in a nail biting game that ended in a 2-2 draw. It was a wonderful sight to see all those big smiles that filled the school.

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Thanks to the White family, Bryan, Christine, Jeffrey, Paul, Alex, Nick, Aris, Anthony and family friend Olivia

Till next time, Justin & Jacky

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