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What a treat, on the way to the airstrip!!

29 July 2014

On the main road to Kogatende airstrip a flick of a tail caught one of Mr. Jairo's exceptional eyes!!

Can you spot what he's staring at?

This beautiful female leopard had decided to make use of a ranger platform in this Sausage Tree - a perfect place to rest.

We've had little time to leave the lodge this last month - so imagine our delight that on this morning`s mad dash for supply (some sort of yogurt emergancy!) we were rewarded us with these fantastic pictures.

The grimace above signifies a behaviour called flehmen - drawing the air over the vomero-nasal organ allowing these animals to test hormone signals in the air. Males tend to do this as a method of testing the reproductive status of potential partners. A female up in a tree like this is likely using it to get a better understanding of the scents around her. Perhaps the car was making her nervous and she was checking the air before deciding whether or not to move from the safety of her perch.

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