Kiba Point

When One Chapter Ends A New One Begins.

11 June 2012

When we first arrived and looked out at the Rufiji gently flowing by we thought, what a magnificent and peaceful place to be responsible for. Whilst setting up camp and meeting all of the friendly staff we have also had time to explore our beautiful surroundings. We were suprised to find the amount of game that we did, in and around the lodge, considering that it is such a large expanse of pure wilderness. From the small unknowns to the larger greats the Selous seems full of both big and small suprises.

From the shock of a lone male Elephant right in front of us as we turned a corner, the enchanting call of the Hyena in the evenings, a classic Buffalo charge (still unsure of who had the biggest fright - us or the Buff as it emerged somewhat ungracefully from the tall grass), to the most stunning sighting of two Leopards and their kill in a Tagalala tree twenty minutes from camp.

The Selous Will Keep You Wondering!

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